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Best Beauty Tips and Tricks for Make-up


Beauty tips know that, all the girls use the make-up for different parties and for functions. In this regards here are the best beauty tips and tricks for girls. These beauty tips and tricks will improve your skin health as well these tips and tricks will make your body soft and beautiful all the time and in all ages. Most of the girls use make-up all the time, not matter these girls have party or not. Keep in mind wearing make-up all the time is not a good option. Such girls damage their skin badly within few year. If you’re also wearing make-up all the time. Not matter you’ve party or not, but still you’re wearing make-up. It means you’re demolish your skin badly.

First thing, don’t use make-up all the times. If you use it, must clear with top class cleanser, or with best recommended natural beauty cream. Here are few things those are most important to know. Do you know, when make-up damage our skin, super badly? If you don’t know, stay tune with us and read this article till end.

While you’re walking out-side/Exercise

If you’re walking out side, or you’re in the dust area. Keep in mind don’t have make-up on your skin. Because this dust will reached to your face and will be the part of your skin. And dust will penetrate in your skin and it will damage your skin badly. If you do this for few days, this will make  your skin dry and peel. 
What do you think, what’s happen when dust penetrate in our skin?

Don’t Use Make-up while having Sex


Most of the girls use too much make-up to look beautiful and young. Specially girls use make-up while having sex. Might be girls though that, this trick will attract the personal more and they will enjoy much from heart. Keep in mind don’t use make-up when you’ve plan to go to bed and to have sex. During sex, when bodies match-up with each other produce heat, even much heat in girls body. This heat burn the negative cell from the body, and when wear make-up specially on face. These burning cell will not come-out just because your fill up the pores with make-up. Then these dead cells will stay in your body and later on they will damage other active cells and your beauty will be demolish within few days.
Make-up also not good for your life partner, or your friend with you’re having sex. As well your make-up and your lipstick, will make you and your partner just like a joker. Because when you will have french kiss, lipstick will spread and will make you joker. Due to this bacteria and other elements will effect on your skin and acne problem will appear on your skin. So, don’t care that your partner, will love you much or not just because of make-up. For this purpose you may motivate them and make them emotional with your body curves and attraction. But never use make-up during sex or for sex. 

Don’t Use Make-Up When Go to Gym


Exercise and gym and make-up, not make sense. But we found most of the girls those use make-up during gym and exercise. If you’re also wearing make-up while having exercise or gym. Your skin health on risk. Keep in mind during exercise/gym never use make-up. Wearing make-up during exercise create blackhead and pimples on your face/skin. For health skin and for beautiful look, never use make-up while having exercise.

Don’t Use Make-up During Long Flight

Most of the time we found girls with heavy make-up during long flights as well during long distance travel. Clear the face, and wash it. During long flight, much clean up your skin number of time. As during flight, oxygen is not available as needed for your skin. During flight make-up is not necessary as well it damage your skin badly.

Daily Bad Habits Those Became the Reason of acne


Now a days, Acne is the major problem of the girls. Specially for young and teenagers. Because during this age girls hormones change on daily basis. Change (Improvement) of hormones directly effect on girls skin. If you’re facing such issues must check the following daily routine/habits. Might be you’re doing wrong with your skin/skin healthy by self.

Chemical  products:


Most of the girls use chemical products/creams. Without consulting with doctor. Keep in mind their is not such cream/chemical product, which not have bad effect for your skin. So, never use any cream / chemical product without recommendation of wise and experience doctors. Otherwise your skin will effect badly.

Beauty soap:

Most of the doctors recommend the beauty soaps for beauty purposes. Do you know they look your current skin situation, your daily routine and all other aspects those are necessary to know?

Do you know all beauty soaps have harsh chemicals? Never use the beauty soap, use ordinary soap to manage the pH level. 

Skin Damage With Smartphone:

Might be there is no such girl, which don’t have access to mobile phone, or not use phone. Do you know smartphones damage your skin? When you use mobile and hands, or someone other take it in his/her hands. Millions of bacteria attach with mobile and later on your touch it with your face directly without cleaning. These bacteria attach with your skin and damage your skin later on.

Skin damage due to Touching your face again and again


Our hands never be clear all the time, when we hand-shake with anyone million of germs and bacteria attach with our hands. As well when we sit on seat/chair or on bed, number of germs also available their and attach with our hands. No, doubt its not possible to have clean and clear hands all the time but we can develop our skin with natural beauty tips and tricks. So, that body / skin kill such bacteria with its own health.

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