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5 Food items you should add immediately in your routine to lose weight if you are a foodie and lazy person!

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Weight Loose

You know what’s the most heard statement these days? I am looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight with no effort and control. And you keep wondering if that’s even possible to achieve a goal without doing any struggle. Well yeah! That’s not possible because we are not living in heaven.

What makes dieting more difficult is that the factor of controlling your appetite and desire. I am a foodie and I can understand the pain of self-control because I can’t resist food at any cost.

Another factor which was hindrance of me getting smart was that I am so busy in studying I hardly get anytime to do exercise, ahhh who am I kidding, the truth is that I am too lazy to do anything.

The depression of being fat and heavy makes me want to eat more and more and I can’t help it but eat. But finally I found some easy ways to help lose weight. They are really quick and relaxed tips. All you have to do is to add them in your routine.

And what is amazing about the following article is that you will find the items available easily at home and its cheap. Add the food items in your routine straightaway if you want to lose weight.

You will feel smart within few number of days.

Weight loose with Garlic:


Garlic is here to make you fit and healthy, yes not just smart but healthy as it is low in calories and high in nutrients. It is said to be power house of vitamin and calcium. For a rapid weight loss even one clove of it is enough. To avoid the bad taste and make it even more effective add honey into grinded garlic, save it in a jar and take 1 tea spoon daily on an empty stomach. I know you are afraid of the bad breath but let me tell you that it is anticancer, maintains blood and sugar levels and strengthens immune system.

Weight loose with Lemon


You must have heard about lemon detox in which you have to drink lemon water only but nothing else. I know that must be difficult for foodies like us who can’t control. But there is another way as well so don’t lose hope but weight. Add one lemon in one glass of water and drink it before breakfast specially and all day as well if you can. The more of lemon water, the less of fat belly.

Weight loose with Honey


Honey can do wonders to your body. Take 2 teaspoon before going to bed and you will feel the difference within days. You may add it in tea or water as per your choice. Honey will not let you feel weak and help you lose weight as well. Honey and warm water on an empty stomach is effective and helps you clean your liver.

Weight loose with Ginger


Ginger is good for cure of many illnesses but few of us know about the fact that ginger is good for weight loss too. Take it with water or make ginger tea both are good for your health and weight loss.

Weight loose with Yogurt


Yes, you are thinking right that yogurt is a dairy product and dairy products are high in fat and calories but yogurt is unlike them and is helpful in losing weight. Eat it however  you want to. It also makes your tummy feel full which will stop you from eating more.

Add these food items in your routine and you will feel the difference within few days but consistency is must in order to attain the goal. They will not only help you in losing weight but they will restrain your body to gain more.

Do let us know how it worked for you by commenting. I have done my part by sharing this with you so will you do too by sharing it with your friends?

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