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COVID-19 also known as severe acute respiratory syndrome CORONA VIRUS 2 responsible for global pandemic  the virus originated in wuhan the city of china which has now spread to our country and is most celebrated subject  among people of Pakistan .Now a days it has become a great cause of  fear around the population. As many cases are reported in different provinces, the govt immediately took action and took notice for the closure of universities,offices and public places to promote social distancing and to avoid community transmission a measure to prevent spread of COVID-19. Many gossips and rumors has also aired and rapidly shared which has made people wrongly believe on many distrust  facts and assumptions having  no existence in reality but only a source of misconception among people.


What is Corona Virus in Reality?

Many people believe that there is no drug for the treatment of Noval CORONA VIRUS.This is not the truth china has developed an antiviral drug for the treatment of novel CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 namely FAVILAVIR .It has developed after testing in 70 patients with confirmed Covid-19 infection. The Zhejiang Hisun pharmaceutical company of China has begun producing the drug in large quantities to meet the demand.
Moreover, these rumors are also spreading everywhere that when temperature will rise in spring it will decline the prevalence of the virus which is untrue as it is confirmed by world health organization that the virus equally transmits in hot and humid weather. Because the human body temperature is 36.5 to 37 centigrade which is normal body temperature in every weather and does not change according to surroundings.

Antibiotic Treatment For Corona Virus

Treatment of Covid-19 infection with antibiotics is also a widespread misconception . Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria as they target the bacterial structure and not the virus as the virus has completely different structure from bacteria.But the Covid-19 infected patient may receive antibiotics to prevent the concomitant bacterial infection as the patient would have low immunity because of COvid-19 infection.

Myths About Corona Virus

Very famous myth among people that by Eating garlic and onion can lower the incidence of Covid-19 infection. Both of them has antimicrobial properties but has no evidence against the novel coronavirus infection which is confirmed by the world health organization.

It is also blindly believe that older people are more prone to catch Covid-19 infection in comparison to young ones but there is no truth. All people can be infected equally .People either they,re young or old if they have previous medical conditions like Asthma, Diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are more prone to Covid-19 infection because of weak health.
Novel coronavirus is considered as deadly or fatal throughout the world but only a small percentage of people has died throughout the world. The Chinese center for disease control and prevention concluded that 80.9 percent Covid-19 cases were mild. During the emergence of Covid-19 infections china the mortality rate was 3.5 percent only because of the overcrowding of hospitals and equipment’s but after sufficient provision of facilities the mortality rate reduced to 0.1 percent only. Based on current data only 80 percent of patients had mild symptoms and others develop symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath and more severely pneumonia.

Seen Behind Corona Virus

Very popular opinion among people is that the virus is man made and has originated in a laboratory and it is willingly spread but there is no evidence of it . COVID-19 which is called severe acute respiratory syndrome CORONAVIRUS 2 is genetically similar to SARS CORONAVIRUS which was responsible for SARS outbreak in 2002.It is scientifically proven that the virus can be mutated and change its form from one to another.
So people mostly has false picture of this subject which has to be removed from their minds by creating awareness and the world health organization is doing great job to remove misconceptions but the need is to provide this information to local public.

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