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Treatment of Pimples with homemade remedies

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There are thousands of ways to remove pimples. Many ways are badly effect your skin and some of them are useful. But the best way to remove pimples from skin / face is homemade remedies as mentioned bellow:

To remove pimples, it necessary to know about the pimples that why these are appear on your face for this purpose already we write in details you may find that from our blog “Beauty Tips”.

Pimples Homemade remedies

Need to have few things before preparing the remedy;

Remedy #1

Barley Porridge two spoon and add flour (gram) in it. Prepare the mixture of both things and soaked for whole night in rose water. Now this mixture is ready after one night and use it in day time. Apply this mixture on your face twice or thrice in a day. If still you have skin problem or feel skin is still dry then avoid using it, because gram flour is only for the oily skin.

Remedy #2

Second homemade remedy is the use “Multanii Mitti” as it’s famous, it is also a tremendous remedy for skin. It will help your skin to improve as well it will gives cooling effect so you will feel comfortable after applying it face. If possible for your manage twice or thrice rose water spray on your skin for shining and for glowing.

Remedy #3

Take pinch of mustard and add gram flour and make the paste of those. As well add lemon small drops in it, now the effective and useful remedy is ready for skin which is oily and acne skin. This remedy is effective for the skin and for the smoothness and for the shiny skin. If you need to have such beautiful skin you must use this remedy on daily basis for your skin beauty.

Remedy #4

Easy, Simple and knowing remedy for all male/females is to hydrate your body with the clean drinking water. Take at least ten to twelve drinking water a day for the beauty and for the smooth and glowing skin.

Remedy #5

Mostly girls want to have soft and shiny skin, for such purpose need to have moisturizers for skin. There are number of oils and other things but the coconut oil is one of the most powerful thing to used for skin beauty and for health it remove dryness from your skin and improve your skin health.

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