How to Become a Successful Man


What is success

There are different opinion regarding success. Some of the people think that success is the name of money, and good job, and some of the people think that education is the success. Here are details regarding people opinion that what people think about success.

What people think about success

Success is the name of money and good job/business around 60% think that this is the success. Around 20% people think that success is the name of education. As well 10% people don’t care about the success and anything other they live their life without any thoughts. 5% people think that if they douge other they are successful and 3% people change their mind some time they agree with first one and some times they agree with second one. Remaining 2 percent people are open minded and they think when you done work which you like a lot and you done it that’s success in reality.

Success in Reality

In reality success is the mind set, what actually you want to done in life. There are number of people around 98% people are doing job, study, work and any other task due to some problems / issues. They are not doing these task / job with their own passion. Whenever you don’t done any job / task without your own. Its mean you are on wrong way, and you can’t done it positively with good thoughts and good efforts.


In reality success is the name of thing which you like a lot and you done it with great efforts. Specially you like that to done in life. And when you done it, really you enjoyed a lot.

Successful Life

We are living in the age where every person have busy life. If we are child we have many sources to spent time. Such as, School, Academies, Internet, online games, social media and many more. One thing we skip and that is games (such as cricket, hockey, volleyball etc) because we know in this modern age most of the child spent their mostly time with online and video games. If we discuss about the university students, they spent lot of time with friends. And some of them have girl friends. They spent lot of time with girlfriend. Most of the time they don’t know that they are wasting their time. Most of the time university boys spoil their life by wasting their time with such girls. At the end these girls left them with these words that you are looser. Even you can’t complete your education then what will you do in life for me. However the reality is, they spent their time for them.


If we talk about professionals, those are working in field they work day and night and spent most of the time with office work/task. These are all busy and working due to some reasons, Might be students reading because their father / mother force them to continue studies. As well professionals work because they run their house hold with this job. No one cares, actually what they like to do. With the same duties and routines they spent their life and one day in old age, they think and just worries that, if they do this and that, as they like that much.

Don’t waste your time, and don’t reached at that point when you look back and become worry on your decision. Change you decision today. You are doing studies, or working in any organization. Take decision, and start work which one you like a lot. This change will be fruitful for you, and one day you will be the champion. You will be the winner, you will be the successful man. In reality successful life is the “Work which you like a lot”. If you are doing any thing due to some reasons or due to pressure. Believe me you are wasting your life. One day you will look back and will think again and again.

How to motivate yourself


Motivation is a key point for the change of every human. If you are studying in medical sciences and you like to become a information and communication technology professional. Leave the medical sciences field and join the information and communication technologies. You will succeed in this field, because you like it a lot. Might be its opposite to it, but go with the field which one you like a lot.

Why people fail


People fail because they study / work due to pressure. Keep in mind those people work with their own thought and with their own mind. They never fail if that is the tough task or easy. If you wish to win in life. Take decision for your future, as well for your career. Because this is your life, you can make decision best as well you can perform better. No one other then you perform as you can.

Tips and Tricks For Successful Life


Most of the people think that they will become successful because their parents are well settled. As well their parents are doing great jobs or business. Believe me, this is not success. Whenever you don’t like anything you will never like it to done. Always done the task which one you like a lot. Start it from your early ages. If you are a student, take decision which field is your best field. Choose the field which one you like, don’t take admission in field which one your parents choose for you. Because without having interest you can’t do anything. But if you like that field, you will spent much time with them and you will succeed in life. If we take any successful person’s life, that’s not matter in which field he/she perform. But all these successful person’s are working in the field which they like a lot. This is the right time to take decision, that what you want to become in future. Money, Education or anything else never will make you satisfy. Because all these things are temporary and these things may change or may end one day. But when you done the work / task which one you like a lot, you will never worries about change or anything else.


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