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Beautiful and healthy teeth are half beauty

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Most of the girls spent lot of time with their face and hair growth. To maintain beauty of face girls spent lot of time and money but not much care about their tooth. Most of the time forget to clean and wash it as needed. What’s happen when we not much care about tooth. Heavy make and highly expensive clothes wear but their personality not boom as not look beautiful just because of their lips smile.

When she laughs their yellowness clearly appear which damage their complete image and personality. As well when she takes breath anyone can understand that she not much care about her tooth.

As all of us know smile is the half personality of every woman. If you’re not much caring about your tooth. Its mean you’re not much interested to develop your personality. Because without beautiful smile it’s not possible that someone looks beautiful.

Clean, Clear and Beautiful Teeth


Actively manage tooth paste two time a day. This activity is not more than five minutes but its create great impact on your health and personality. If it’s your desire to look beautiful and healthy all the time must manage it on daily basis.

Most of the girls manage tooth paste on daily basis but their tooth is not looking beautiful because their tooth never looks white whatever she does. If you’re also facing this issue don’t worry because Beauty Tips and Tricks have great natural remedies for you to make your tooth clear, white and beautiful.

Homemade Remedies for Teeth Whitening


Most of the people use polish on their teeth for color whitening. Once your apply polish on your tooth, after few days it looks damaged and yellow as earlier. This is not the best way to look beautiful. Might be its good enough for any party or for one or two days but for long run its not good enough. For this purpose we have few recommendation and beauty tips for you.

Dentist Will never tell you these amazing and easy remedies:

  1. Use Lemon and Salt mixture on tooth for whitening
  2. Add Baked Soda in your paste and apply

These two remedies will make your tooth beautiful and white. There are number of other remedies but these two are the best and tested. That’s why we are recommended you/

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