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Improve Self Confidence With Basic Tips and Tricks

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Difference Between self esteem and Self Confidence

self esteem: When we know the worth of your own is called self esteem. In short we can say that when we understand about our personality/personally, that’s called self esteem.

Self Confidence: is when we are confident about anything that we can done it.

But now its a challenge you, if someone asked you to dive in the river, and you replied “Yes” I can. In this scenario, it is self esteem or self-confidence? Must reply in comments what do you think about it. Once you reply on it must read the answer of this question at the end of this article.

To watch yourself deeply is called self esteem and the self confidence is to know your self with abilities and qualities that you can done it. Self confidence that you can done any work. When you have such qualities, abilities. 

Most of the time we found the people those done anything and fly in the airs that they are too much and they can do anything. In shortly they fall and cry all the time. So try to develop your personality from scratch to top of the world.

Let’s understand Self confidence and self esteem with a game. If there is a player who follow the all rules properly and there is another one who don’t care much about rules. Let’s have a look who is the best self esteemer in this scenario. Player who follow the rules or second one who don’t care much about rules?

Please think and reply on the comment section? 

Self confidence is not only the power to improve personality. Self esteem is also the necessary to improve personality. When your self esteem is at peak people will follow you.

Over Confidence

When you don’t know about any specific thing, and someone ask you can you done it for me. At that time you replied, Yes I can. It means you are over confident. However at that time make necessary to answer, Yes, I can but first it needed to learn. That’s the self confidence. Its really magic, these habits can change your personality and make you happy all the life. 

Every Fields of the Life have three basic pillars

Whatever the field is, there are top three pillars to know about them for the betterment and for the advancement. These three pillars are as fellow: 


1: Passion

Don’t do the thing which you like too much. Passion is necessary for the work, which you done. If you’re not interested in anything don’t do that. Because its necessary. Whenever you’re not passionate in any task don’t do that. Whatever the game/task which you like from heart, that’s called passion. To discover yourself is called passion.

2: Practise 

Do you know what is self confidence? Its all about practise. Whenever you don’t make practise you can’t improve self confidence. For improvement of self confidence its necessary to make practise in right direction. Whatever the field, where from you belong. Must learn from the best practitioners. Don’t follow the people those are not the part of this field. You should take advice from the expert in the same field. They will guide you, make them request time by time and learn more and more. This kind of practise will improve your skills and will make you the best player of the game.

3. Patience and Perseverance

When you are the passionate and make best practices, its not necessary that you got that. At that time you should patience and perseverance. Because in this world its not necessary that you got that which you want with passion and practise. At that time your test starts. At that time patience and perseverance, because it makes you stronger and better.

Whatever the situation is, must follow above mentioned rules. These rules will make you best and attractive personality in the world. As well these rules will be the path of the success. If you’re not following these rules in your life. Skip all the things and follow these rules. These rules will make you the best player of your field. Whatever the field is yours.

In this scenario,  this is not self confidence not self esteem, it over confidence. 

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