Ten things you may not know about pregnancy

pregnancy tips

Pregnancy is particularly difficult and tough as well exciting for women. But women are generally unaware of the changes in this period and often worry about things. No doubt its tough and difficult for all girls/women. But need to be aware for following things.

pregnancy tips

  1. Pain in the lower back:
    During the pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes. These changes are meant to facilitate delivery. They also include the release of hormone relaxin. These hormones make the pelvis flexible and soft. This makes it easier for the muscles to stretch. So do not exercise too much during pregnancy.
    Occasionally, as the days of pregnancy progress, the joints that block the pelvis become completely separated from each other, causing pain in the lower back.
  2. Emotion fluctuations:
    Female mood is also affected in the first 6 months of pregnancy. She makes herself feel sick and tired. If you too are depressed, share your feelings with your partner and doctor and imagine beautiful things about your upcoming baby.
  3. Bleeding from the gums:
    Hormone changes cause gums to shed blood quickly. When brushing your teeth, brush carefully. If your gums get too much blood, consult your dentist
  4. Constipation complaint:
    Often pregnant women complain of constipation and suffer considerable distress. To overcome this discomfort, eat a fiber-rich diet, fruits and raw vegetables, drink more water, do some exercise such as light exercise. Reduce the use of coffee and sugar foods.
  5. Hair promotion:
    During pregnancy, hair becomes thicker and more beautiful, causing more hormones. This reduces hair fall. But when these hormones reach their levels after delivery, the hair drops faster and becomes much lighter. Therefore, take good multivitamins during pregnancy and eat fish twice a week.
  6. Nose closure:
    Some women also complain of nasal congestion during pregnancy due to the swelling in the nasal membrane due to estrogen which causes the nose to close and sometimes blood to the nose. Apart from this, deep sleep may also cause cramps.
  7. Chest irritation:
    Gastric acid is not digested during pregnancy which causes irritation in the chest. In such a case, mix four glasses of water in a glass of milk and drink from time to time. If the irritation is high, drink gas syrup.
  8. Leg Stagnation:
    Due to pressure or overweight on the blood vessels, the legs are stressed and the legs are stretched, which can make your sleep worse. Often at bedtime, a vein of the leg begins to stretch. To fix this, immediately stand up or lift the leg up slowly.
  9. Wet clothes:
    During pregnancy, urine is high and it is difficult to stop. Sometimes coughing and sneezing can also lead to uterus pressure on the bladder. After the child is born, the problem goes away on its own.
  10. Memory loss:
    Pregnancy also has an impact on memory, and often women begin to forget the little things, so keep the things you need in front of your eyes and write down important things or tasks in the notebook. Take care of these things before going shopping or visiting a doctor.


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