Natural Nail Tips and Tricks For Nails With Easy Home Remedies


Beauty Tips to improve nail health

If you have any problem regarding nails such as chipping and breaking. Its time to take care of your nails and improve health of nails. Because nail’s are the major part of beauty. Your hands play great part when we count the beauty of any person. Mostly girls face these issues with their nails because such women’s work-out at home and deal with all these things those decrease the health of nails and due to this nails breaking.

Most of the girls around the globe deal with their nails by applying manicure or pedicure. No doubt its important to take care of nails because half beauty of hands are the nails beauty. If you want to have a beautiful and good looking hands you should take care of your nails. Nails beauty improve with nail plates those are in the body behind the nails about several millimeters. Health of nails is depend upon nail plates. New nails grow after nine months.

Nails are not only belongs to your hands, feet nails also create impact on personality. If your nails are beautiful and looking cool believe me your personality will boost and people will like you.

Magical Power of Nails


Nails have magical power to indicate the health of any personal as well we can know much about anybody who have health issues or good health. Few indicates are as bellow:

If your nails are pale it means you have dryness issue. And the personal who have such nails he/she use too much detergents. As well most of the females have blue nails, you should take care about your health if you have any such issue with your nails because its mean inefficient oxygen circulation in your body. Another indicate to know about health is breaking nails constantly. Its mean you may intake low quantity of vitamin and other minerals.

Beauty Tips and Tricks to improve nail health with natural homemade remedies

Improve Nail Health With Cuticle Softner


Needed ingredients to improve nails health:

Take two tablespoon of pineapple (fresh juice)
Papaya is also great source to improve beauty of nails so take two table spoon of papaya 
For protein and for calcium take one egg
Take one table spoon of apple (vinegar cider)

For better results and for betterment of nails follow the procedure:


Take pineapple juice and add papaya (mashed) into it. Prepare mixture of both things and then add egg and cider vinegar. Mix all these items for one hours, after that massage it on your nails every days. This mixture have protein in high quantity so it will develop your protein tissues and your health will improve guaranteed. 

Recover damaged nails with beauty tips homemade remedy


Items for nail improvement

Take honey (1/2 cup)

Take egg yolk (10

Castor Oil (1/2 cup)

As well take sea slat (1 Tablespoon)

Improve Nail health by this application


Create mixture of all these items and store it in fridge. Apply it in night time (for full night for better results). If its not possible for you to apply at night you must apply it at least two hours (any time when you feel free). Within few days your nail will improve and breaking nails problem will fix.


These all suggestion and remedies are based on research but its not mean that all these remedies are applicable on all the personals health. Because every person in this world have different skin, nails and body. So, if you’ve any problem / issue with nails you should consult with doctor. These remedies are useful but vary from person to person. Beauty Tips will not responsible for the accuracy, suitability or any other completeness regarding this article. These beauty tips and tricks not mean that these are applicable on each and every personal.


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