A Young Child Thinking About Father

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Young Boy Left Home

A young boy left home because he were angry with father. Actually he want to have a motor bike, as his all friends have bike to reached university. He requested his father several months ago but till time he didn’t get bike. He became too much angry with his family specially with father.

He finalize plan to left from home. For this purpose, he collect the purse of the father. As he thing, father have bundle of amount in his purse. As well he wear the shoes of father and left from home. He were walk to reach to “Bus Station” as it was little away from his home. While walking he feel something wrong with his feets. To check it out he stay and un-wear the shoes and check. He shocked that all the shoes are old and rough from the toe, and not useable.

He still he is angry, so he keep continue and move forward towards the bus stop. When he reached to bus stop. He know that bus will reached late (it may take an hour).

Check-up of Dad Purse


He thought I have an hour time, so why not to check the whole purse of papa. He open the purse which one he have in pocket, as he take it from home. He open it, he found there are few piece of papers nothing more than this. He surprised! He thought might be dad have relationship with any other girl. That’s why they don’t much care of us. Still he were thinking about it, lastly he thought why not to open all these papers and read it out.

Life Changing Movement

As already described, that boy was angry with dad, because his father is not purchasing the motor bike for him. He open the first page where he found the bill of “Sufi Traders“.  Sufi Traders are the local business man. He knows them very well they provide the things on instalments. When he read it completely, he found this bill is the “Laptop Bill” which one his father buy for him, around six month ago and still there are two instalments are pending. He close this paper and open the second one. But still he thought, might be this one is the different things. He open the second page, and he found the addresses and the contact numbers of the all “Instalments Brokers” those provide the motor bikes. He feel the reality of his father and start crying.

These two piece of paper change the whole life of this boy. As the boy were studying in university. He make struggle double ( day and night). After few years efforts, he passed out the university with best grades.

Career Starting


When he complete the university, still he have the lesson of these papers in his mind. He start the job as an Govt. Officer. Now he became the Govt. officer, and didn’t use any resource without need and he help all the humanity as he learn from his father.


If you think your father is not paying you. Keep in mind there is no father who don’t way to pay a lot to his children. But there are the limitations, resources issues. That’s why they didn’t pay you. If you are also doing such at home. Think at-least once might be your parents don’t have much resources.

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