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It’s a disease that turns your skin and the whites of your eyes yellow. Newborn babies often get it. But adults can, too. Yellowness is due to increase of bilirubin in blood. Bilirubin is a chemical formed by natural breaking of red blood cells, then liver filters waste of blood (bilirubin) but liver malfunctions and bilirubin mix with blood.


·       Skin and yellow

·       Pale stools

·       Dark urine

·       Fatigue

·       Weight loss

·       Abdominal pain

·       Vomiting fever

·       Swelling of legs


  • Increase amount of bilirubin
  • Hepatitis
  • Pancreatic cancer


  • Consuming too much alcohol
  • Eating Junk food
  • Avoid empty stomach for large periods of a day


Jaundice can be diagnosed by conducting blood tests:

  • LFT
  • CBC
  • Hepatitis A,B,C

Furthermore doctor may check for any liver diseases, abdomen pain or tumors. Checking levels of bilirubin in body.


There are three main types of jaundice:

  • Hepatocellular jaundice occurs as a result of liver disease or injury.
  • Hemolytic jaundice occurs as a result of hemolysis, or an accelerated breakdown of red blood cells, leading to an increase in production of bilirubin.
  • Obstructive jaundice occurs as a result of an obstruction in the bile duct. This prevents bilirubin from leaving the liver.


Doctor can prescribe some medicine along with proper diet. Diet usually include low cholesterol, zero oil and non spicy foods with increased amount of juices and water.



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