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Increase Traffic On Website Within One Month

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Quality content always help you to keep on top ranking on search engines. Only the content is not enough to rank your website. There are number of things those matter in this way. If you are running website / blog and want to improve search engine ranking. Must take care of following things.

Key factors those are directly linked with your website SEO / Ranking

Website URL:

Website URL matter a lot when deal with your website. URL mean your website that how much long its URL and how much it related to your business. Because when someone search it out over the search engine. Search Engines count top level domains at first when we make search. Top level domain always come first on the search engines that’s not mater which search engine you are using.


Key Word Worth

Most of the not much care about key word worth. This is the key of your website, that how much key words you are using in website and what’s there worth on search engines. For this purpose, google offer free of cost “Keyword Planner”. By using google keyword planner you can find the keywords those are relevant to your business as well you can find visitors over the search engines. Key word worth will help you to plan keywords for your website.

Keyword Planning For Search Engines Optimization

Keyword planning is the key for the betterment and for the keyword ranking in different search engines. If you are not doing keyword planning as recommended or needed. It means you are not following the rules those are necessary for search engine optimization.

Impact of Keyword Planning

Keyword planning with help you to reached to the target audience through different search engines. As you know people those find / make different queries on search engines. They are looking for those things and without planning of keyword you can’t achieve this target.


Ways to Improve Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking is a science, without proper planning and proper implementation of keyword you can’t achieve this goal. Your website directly linked with your website age, worth, traffic and keyword placement within the page, tags, heading, body and any other.

How to Plan Keywords

It’s not possible that you are dealing in all the businesses of the world. Means you are dealing with any specific business. Find out the key areas of your business and keywords. Keywords mean people use to make query on search engines. At stage first select top twenty keywords and check there worth that how much people make query with these keywords.

Page Development

When you select the keywords for your website / business those people make over the search engines. Check their worth, that how much people make search on daily basis. Develop your page which have Tags with same keyword, heading, body and other SEO tags those will help you to appear in search.

Keep in mind, search engines not just check the keywords those are in your page. All search engines check that how much your grammar and information are useful for community. Not just this search engine also count that how much time people spent time on your website.

Your website age, page age, keywords, tags, website speed, server response. All these things make your website worth able and easy to rank.

How to Rank Specific Keyword On Search Engines

Search engines are really intelligent, they make decision on different parameters such as Website age, speed, content, reviews, stay time, traffic, queries and many others. But that’s not matter you can get ranked in search engines if your domain age is too short. For this purpose, need to have proper content and traffic on your website with that specific keyword.

Now thing is how to rank keyword on search engines. Make write up in which you should define all the aspects those are necessary for end user. Briefly define all things by adding that particular keyword which one you want to ranked. Also use tags, make heading (h1), add sub headings (h2) and add paragraph with proper tags and keywords. Through traffic on this page, as much as necessary to ranked this keyword. For this purpose, there are several ways to get traffic.

You can purchase traffic from different sources. These sources are as following.

Purchase traffic from Google Ads

Google is a big platform which allows you to buy traffic by keywords. This traffic is really amazing and impactful for all type of businesses. Because google capture traffic fairly and they are really experienced in it.

Get Traffic From Bing

Bing is also a great platform, especially for Europe and for USA traffic. You can buy traffic from Bing with few investments. This traffic will also help you to rank your keywords.

Social Media Marketing and Keyword Ranking

Social media traffic also helps to improve keyword ranking. When people reached to your website from different social media channels. When these people stay on your website, it creates your website worth. As well also help you to ranked your keywords on different search engines.

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