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Hello! Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the winter holidays same like me. It’s surprising for me that this winter too cold. I want to visit some other areas where snowfall still continue and people are in their houses. Actually I want to visit as really I love the areas where this world is quite sound and alone.

You’re thinking that what’s the topic is and what I am talking. This is beauty and beauty tips related topic exactly you’ll learn all about beauty but this example shows that, when you’re not beautiful and still want that your hubby loves you a lot. At that time this situation creates with your hubby/husband. Let’s see how’s this situation create. This is the human phenomena that humans attract to beauty specially when we talk about relationship.

Alsa belong to an average family. She got married with J. Kovey, actually those were studying at same school and later on collage as well. At that time Alsa were looked beautiful as Kovey were also from the same region and he don’t know much about this world. They got married when he was 24 years old, and know Kovey is in 30th of his age. He works for Multinational company at US as senior manage. He deals with hundreds of girls and boys on daily basis, some of them newly appointed and some are looking for promotion.

Alsa is house-wife and she is too much lazy. She doesn’t care much about her home, as well for health and beauty. Whenever Kovey back to home, she always realizes that her health is not well. However, when her friends came she looks ok and great. Few years Kovey disturb with this routine but not think in deep that what’s happen with them.

Reality of Alsa

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Actually Alsa wants sympathy all the time. As she were not knowing that for long run its dangerous for relation. That time when Kovey have plan to visit out of city due to company assignment. Alsa called her friend and stay at home. At that time Alsa were not good in health as Kovey were at home. Kovey leave home and request to Alsa’s friend that please help them and take care of them as she is not good. He leaves for office, unfortunately he left his purse at home. He came back to home after few hours to collect that and then leave for journey. When he reached back at home, he shocked that his wife is surprisingly fit and playing with her friend. Kovey not speak a single word but collect his purse and leave. During this journey he share this whole story with his office friend Nobious. She is the owner of this business and not married yet. Nobious like Kovey too much but never tell them. This was the point and option for them. As Kovey is good looking, smart and handsome. When she hears whole story of Kovey. Nobious take it serious and think on it deeply and said, I think your wife is not happy with you. Then why you’re staying with them. Kovey said no, way it’s not possible. Nobious said it’s possible, might be she realize later on that you’re not good for them. They were not much talk on it as they were on the way and at the same time Nobious got a call and leave this conversation. On this Kovey think on it deeply and that was two days’ trip. All time he thinks about this story. When he came back after two days. His wife is in same old situation, he visits to hospital and request doctor that she is not good on daily basis. Doctor make checkup and replied there is nothing.

Kovey’s Life Turning Point

That was really tough for kovey to take decision. As he love them a lot from childhood. Its also reality that she not much take care of her health and beauty. At the same time kovey’s friend and senior Nobious call them on candle dinner. As well Nobious propose them “May we become Life Friends”. Kovey, take great breath on it and replied “YES”.

This story starts from, candle dinner and end Alsa diverse and Nobious marriage. What we learn in this example. There are number of girls those are living with their hubbies with same behavior. This behavior not just take you down, it’s also end your relationship.

If you really don’t want to stay with your hubby and don’t love them. And don’t want to have family. Don’t do this, clearly tell them what actually you want to have. This one will be grateful for both of you. Otherwise it will create hell in your life.

Beauty of Life

This story clearly tells us story that beauty is not just the face beauty. Beauty is also the thing which comes from internal side which called respect. If Alsa take care of her hubby as he is smart and looking great as well with good job. Kovey take care of her all the time but she can’t. So, he got married again and she is not just looking beautiful as compare to Alsa. She is educated, intelligent, smart and multi milliner. I think this is the requirement of every boy, now a day. If you’re also not take care of your hubby and family. One day same will happen with you. So, take care of your health, skin, body and family members.

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