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How Computer Change Our Lives?

This era is full with technology and with latest automated machines. All these machines help to ease the life. No doubt, today’s life is really very easy as compare to old ages. If we look back on 17th century human only we the alive. But today we have the facilities those are just because of Technology.

If we look in depth all the things, from wrest watch to air-plan computer technology is used. Which help us to improve life. Now we can say that computer and technology is much necessary for our life. In this age we can’t live without these technologies. In old ages, people were travel for long to deliver message. But Now, its just away from a “Call”. Not just only call via mobile, technology improve and now virtual reality is available for all and these virtual realities are affordable. 


How Computer Effect on our real life?

With the improvement of computer technology, now this web become the global village. All the people connected with each other via internet. Different mediums are available to talk with each other over the internet. Most of the young generation have access to all these new social media platform / channels. If we talk about Pakistan, now a days a Tik Tok star Hareem Shah and Sundal Khatak are most famous. I don’t know what these girls do in their lives. But this social media make them star. As these are Hareem Shah (Fizza Khan) and Sundal Khatak are famous from Tik Tok. What they use for fame its another thing. These girls use the social media to ditch others. 

Use of Computer in real life

In this age, there is no office which operate without computer/software. Computer become the backbone of all the office. Now people move forward to automated system. Let’s have a look on Online Shopping Store. In earlier ages we were visit to general store to purchase things. But now its completely changed. People develop different channels for this purpose. Number of businesses upload their product on the website and million of people visit from whole world. How it works; Online store manage their inventory over the system (Software), with few check it appear on live website. Automatically it reduce from inventory when someone make their order online. People can find the website over the internet via different search engines and they can make request to purchase things. Which deliver at their door step without and hassle. 

New generation better understand Technology


Hareem Shah and Sundal Khatak

All the youngsters and child use to with new and latest technologies. If we look around, all the child those are under age also have smart phones. No doubt this is the achievement but mostly people use this in negative manners. Such as Hareem Shah and Sundal Khatak’s case now a days over the internet spread just because of these social media platform. Might be it drive Government to end their session just because of these characterless videos. 

Computer Technologies and Today’s life

Computer create ease in human life. This is really powerful tool of the 20th century. But most of the people not much aware with the power of computer till time. In back-ward areas till time there is no source to learn the computer. Most of the people get education but not they are familer with the technologies and with computer. 

Today’s Life of big cities

Almost all the big cities full with the technology and computers. All the offices operate over the computer. People deliver their messages through email or via any other online platform. There are rare department those write letter in hard form.

Countries Grow with Technology

There is no one country which develop without technology of computer. Not matter its your real life or country, it will not grow without usage of technology. If you want to grow must add the technology in your lives. Improve skills by learning new and new things.

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