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Make Your Skin White and Fresh

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Why Beauty Tips?

In this modern age, we are living in chemicals, population as well having with unhealthy foods/diets. When we have such problems around us than how’s its possible that we live better life without taking care of our body and face.

All the factors, effect our body specially our face and hands. So, its necessary to take care of your whole body, specially face, hand and neck.

To improve personality, and become beautiful personality. You should take care of your body all the time. For beautiful look and for beautiful personality there are few recommendations for all women’s and men’s as well. This remedy will help improve your skin color as well your personality.

Homemade natural remedy to improve skin color (make white and fair skin). This remedy is purely natural and have no side effects. Let’s start to prepare homemade remedy to improve color and personality.

Natural Remedy to improve skin color


Required Ingredients:

  • Lemon Juice
  • White Baking Soda
  • Coconut Oil
  • Colgate Paste

Prepare remedy for whitening skin, take a bowl and add Lemon Juice 1 tea spoon, add half spoon White Baking Soda. Mix it well and then add Coconut Oil half Spoon and Colgate Paste Half Spoon. Prepare well mixture of all these things those you add. Once you prepare this mixture apply it on damage areas of your body. Black circles on your hands and face.

Apply this mixture with your finger gently. Once you done it, wait for twenty minutes and then wash is with any recommended soup. Now you will look there is major difference. By applying this homemade natural remedy your skin will improve within few days and your skin color will be white within few days.

Keep tune with us for natural beauty tips, beauty tips and for basic beauty tips. Because all the time we come – up with latest and best beauty tips for you. These are all beauty tips are tested and have no side effect. If you have any skin issue such as your skin is sensitive don’t apply any remedy without consulting. Make comment or email if your skin is sensitive.

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