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Health Sector of Pakistan

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Health Situation in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country. Its development mainly lies on the shoulders of the better human resource. Since its establishment, it has passed through several ups and downs in political, economic and social dichotomies. The political arena of Pakistan from the last 2 decades has badly affected the other sectors among all. Health sector of Pakistan is divided between public and private hospitals and clinics.   


Privatization of Health Sector

The rapid shift of health sector from government to private phase after the privatization program since 1993 has removed the access of millions of deprived residents to this sector. The growing inflation has badly crushed the backbone of the poor. With the global environmental changes different diseases have prevailed in our society. Being the world 6th most populous country the population of Pakistan is still growing at a fast pace. Government sector has failed to provide better health facilities to its people. The private health facilities are inaccessible to the poor people as 24.3% of the population lives below the national poverty line according to the statistics of 2015. Under such pathetic circumstances, it is impossible for the poor to spend money to maintain his/her health therefore, malnutrition and unhygienic condition in rural as well as urban areas of the country is common. Poor health of the residents lowers the productivity levels of labor thereby affecting the industrial as well as agricultural outputs.

Health Considerations

Keeping private health sectors into consideration, there remains the shortage of trained medical personnel and the access of “brain drain” medical graduates has denigrated the whole picture. According to the statistics of 2016, the rural population of Pakistan is 61% which is the major reason for the migration of rural people towards urban areas. This huge migration has resulted in the migration of different diseases as well. The need of the hour is the timely control over this issue which ultimately calls for the access of better medical health facilities in urban as well as rural areas of Pakistan. The establishment of health centers, medical laboratories and clinics in rural areas will reduce the migration thus, reducing the joblessness in the country.

Role of Non Profit Organizations in Health Sector


Medical profession has lost its nobility since the cut throat competition has introduced new concepts of profit maximization instead of profit making. The poor souls are not made to be compromised. The Government, private and non-profit sector must be hand in glove to overcome these issue. The provision of better health facility is the foremost responsibility of the state towards its residents. Due to improper health facilities life expectancy in Pakistan is being reduced. The provision of better and free health facilities would be basically the investment in maintaining the quality of human resource. The binary effect of these facilities will result firstly in better and energetic labor force and secondly it will increase the quantity of human resource available in future by increasing the life expectancy.         

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