Fizza Khan to Hareem Shah and Expose the Ministers of Pakistan

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Little About Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah is Pakistani Tik Tok star, famous just because of their scandals with Ministers. Specially with Sheikh Rashid. We’ll know you in detail that who is Hareem Shah, how’s it become Hareem Shah and how it reached to all these Governmental official and ministers.

Hareem Shah is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP Region). Currently she is staying in Dubai and most of the personalities / media personals says that she will leave from Canada in short. As already She apply for Visa on political basis. She has strong basis so, there are chances that she will move to Canada soon.


Hareem Shah Complete Video

Qualification of Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah is qualified (She took Master Degree from Islamabad). As we seen in videos that she is talking like a non-sense woman, but in reality she is qualified and she know all the aspect of all the things.


Hareem Shah VS Bholla Record

Start of Hareem Shah  

Few of resources said that Hareem Shah is not professional from its home, as his father recently upload his video and pray for him. As well he shares his thoughts that he is not attach with Hareem Shah, as well his whole family is against Hareem Shah. In this scenario how’s Hareem Shah reached on this much stage. Actually Hareem Shah belongs to an average family. She joins her university at Islamabad. Where few of her friends, those are in touch with PTI leaders and Karkun were met them. These girls introduce them with PTI members and later on she met with them many time.

Hareem Shah start her life, as she is not Hareem Shah. Real name of Hareem Shah is Fiza Khan, so she convert his name due to some issues and problems in her life.

Problems in Hareem Shah’s life

As already we told that Hareem Shah belongs to a poor family, and her friends introduce them with some political personalities. Once she met with political personality. They abuse them and use them for first time. For few time Hareem Shah manage these activities with guilt. But with passage of time its became the profession of Hareem Shah.

This personal introduce Hareem Shah with all the Pakistan’s well known politicians including Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid. We’re not sure but it’s possible that Imran Khan also clean his hands on Hareem Shah at bed.


Hareem Shah Complete Vidoes

Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah

Currently Hareem Shah’s Tik Tok account reached about 2 Million supporters just because of these issues with political personalities. Hareem Shah’s fame start from the Mubashir Luqman’ case. At the time Farooq Chohan (political personality) support them behind as well openly.

Its reality that poor and needy girls share their self-respect and all the thing those she has. But once such girls used once (at bed for satisfaction) these girls blast the world. As these girls have many ideas in mind. If you’re also in touch with and respectable women, don’t take them to bed, as once she opens she will down your career.

Why Hareem Shah is Too much Popular

This is phenomena when such girls reached to next level, these expose the personalities only to get fame. Now she crosses all the limits. Hareem Shah recently upload his characterless video with unknown personality. But Hareem Shah’s this video shows that she has the record of all the personalities as she claims many times in different interviews.

Hareem Shah’s Videos

On different TV channels as well through social media platform, Hareem Shah claim that she has number of videos of political personalities. In which all the PTI’s Ministers, Government officials and many other people are involved.

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