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Most of the people talk about the future of Hareem Shah. There is no one who know exactly that what she will do. As we seen that Hareem Shah claim again and again that she have the number of political personals characterless videos. For demo Hareem Shah already share one video in which she is doing below job. Personal not identified that who is he. As she target the well known politicians and there is no one who speak against her question. It shows that Hareem Shah have number of videos of all these personalities.

There are two ways of Hareem Shah’s future. There is no other option in her life. As she is educated and someone support them behind, it means she will chose the best way.


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First Way of Hareem Shah’s Future

Hareem Shah may leave Pakistan for long life. As she already apply for visa of Canada and she will not back to Pakistan. She will start working at Canada as already she were done here in Pakistan. In this way she will start working as many characterless stars such as Indian Actor (Sunny Leon). Till time we realize that she will go with this way and will move for Canada. Because there is no other safe way for Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah’s Second Option for Future

This options is completely dangerous Hareem Shah will not live with this way. If Hareem Shah back to Pakistan and continue working as she were already doing. This option is not safe, as all the political personal have influence in Pakistan and these personalities will try to down them. As she is educated and someone support them. He knows that its really danger and she can’t live any more once she reached back.

Any other Option for Hareem Shah

There is no other option for Hareem Shah. Now a days she is entertaining Arabic Sheikhs. But these Arabic Sheikhs will not help them for long time. As they use the girls and send them back where from these girls start life. As now Hareem Shah knows all the ways to move forward. She will move for Canada to continue career in this industry which she already adopt. She claims that she have around 500+ videos. 


Hareem Shah with Sheikh Rasheed

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