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No doubt, English is not the measurement tool for the intellectual and for leadership. It’s a language nothing more than this, but most of the research is based in English. So, its important to understand English.

To learn English most of the student looking for tricks and tips, believe us there is no such trick to learn English within days or weeks. It’s a lengthy process which start from basic to advance.

There is no such trick to learn in days or in few weeks but there are ways those will help you to learn English easily. There are number of ways those are really easy and fun making as well these ways will help to improve English. Its not matter all the people learn with such funny tricks and techniques, every person have different mind set and learn with different techniques.

No doubt, all of us wants to skilled with English in both verbal and in writing. Education tips have lots of ways for you to improve English. Best Tips to improve English are:


Speak English Even You can’t: Most of us hesitate to speak English even they can speak well. Its best English improvement technique to speak even you can’t speak well. Because once you try to speak, your mind will open and accept new English word fast. Next time you will pick English word quickly.


Improve English by using your own cell phone: Record your English by speaking and listen it later for corrections and for modification. It will increase your speaking power as well help to improve vocabulary.


Make your routine to Listen news in English: Most of us interested to listen news but majority of us listen it in local language. Set your routine to listen news bulletin in English, as well watch movies and dramas in English. It will improve your vocabulary and increase your speaking power. Whenever you watch news or movies, pick new words, sentences and apply it in real life.


Set your routine to read newspapers and novels in English: Most of us like to read different books and newspapers in local language but not read in English. Make sure to read all these thing in English for improvement and for development. When you have number of words in mind, you can speak and understand English easily, as well you will be able to make writeup.

Two English words a day: Make your routine to learn two new English words on daily basis, it will improve your skill and open your mind and you increase your learning power as well speaking power after few times.

Add friends from different locations in life those make English Practice with you: In this modern age, all of us have different ways to make friends globally. Add few friends from diffident locations for English practice. Try to speak over the call, because most of us chat in English but can’t speak.

Write stories and essays in English: Most of us think that they can’t write without having best English writing skills. But keep in mind there is no such way to learn English without practice.

Education Tips is always here for you to Learn English easily. This website is complete package for your to learn English and try with us to improve English by simple and basic assignments.

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