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Non-Profit Organizations work all around the world. There is no field in which non profit organization’s not working. Its mean you can develop your career with non profit organizations. Whatever your field is, but the few recommendations and fields are mentioned bellow. You should follow these instructions while you enter in any nonprofit organization (NGO).

How Non-Profit Organization pay their employees

No doubt there are thousands of non-profit organizations (NGOs) working all around the globe. There is not a single one organization on that their team spent the amount, all the organizations collect the donations from various sources. To understand the donation and sources, let’s discuss these things in detail.



Donation is the term, the money which we collect from any personal for any cause. There is no payback of this amount is called donation. NGOs working based on donation collection. There are different types / styles of donation collection. All around the world NGO’s collect the donations for the betterment of the humanity. Its reality most of the NGOs work for the betterment and for the development of the humanity. As well there are number of NGOs those collect the donation for the betterment of the humanity, but these people not spent this donation for the said purpose. Most of the time such NGOs banned in different countries/areas.

Donation Sources:

There are number of sources, where from any NGO can collect the donation based on their working areas. Source for the donation collection are as bellow:

Real Time Donation Collection

Real time donation collection mean, collection of donations from the members/donors those are in your reach. In short, we can say collection of donations to visit physically to the such members and let them know the cause and working areas in which organization is working. As well by sharing the complete history and previous working. Most of the organizations prefer this way to collect the donation from the donors. This is really effective medium to share the information in detail and discuss all the aspects of the organization as well to motivate the personal. So, that you can collect donation easily. For this purpose, most of the organization hire the personals those are well communicator and spread the message easily as well they are well known in the market.



If you’re running the non-profit organization (NGO) and want to collect the donation. Must hire the personals those are already working in market as a marketer. Prepare target for them and select the donation percentage with them. They will collect number of donations for you within few days. This is really amazing way to collect the donations.

Donation Through Inspiring

There are number of charitable organizations, those are working at mass level just because of their owner. As he/she is the personality who inspire the people with their speech/act or with anything. If you want to reached at maximum level of the donations, inspire the people with act/speech. This is really working.


If you’re not capable to deliver at the best level, hire someone who can speak well. Assign them target to reach your voice at the level as you mentioned in target. Within few years you’ll reached at that level.

Donation Through Education

As all the educational institutes are working as non-profit organization. You may also collect the donation from the educational institutes by developing new educational institutes as well by lectures and seminars. All the educational activities are working and these activities improve the brand name of any organization as well you can use this tool for the collection of donations.

Donation Through Volunteers


Without volunteers, there is no non-profit organization which service for long time. Volunteers pay their services free of cost. Major donation collection always happens through volunteers. If you want to collect maximum donations. Engauge the volunteers. Inspire them with your service areas or educate them by seminars and with other events. Volunteers are not your employees that’s why when they share your message with community, people will like it as compare to your employees. Distribute gifts among volunteers to inspire them as well issue the certificates.

Donation Through Team Members

Donation collection by utilizing team is very old way of donation collection. But now this way is completely change, now organization not sent their employees to individuals. Now organization sent their employees to visit the different businesses. Which pay them a lot of donations.

Donation Through Donors

All the organizations collect the donations from donors. But most of them use the donors to reached out more donors and to collect the donations. If you want to collect donation at mass level. Engauge your donors and inspire them and request them, that they engage more donors for such noble cause. As already donor (he/she) is inspiring with your working, he/she will work for your free of cost. As well there are number of personals in his/her contact those can donate. Might be their friends already donate, but someone else.

Donation Through Community


Organize different community events, inspire them to collect the donations. Share the working areas, in which you’re working. As well share the progress and current working as you share it with donors. Do you know community is the donor? If details required in this regard. Make a comment in comment section.

There are number of other ways, those you can utilize to get donations. We will discuss these donations ways in next article. Stay tune with us to learn more about NGOs working as well for donation collection ways and for tricks. Other donation collection ways are:

  1. Donation Agencies
  2. Friends
  3. Through Businesses
  4. Enterprises
  5. Vendors
  6. Small Businesses
  7. Projects
  8. Friend Organization
  9. Partner Organizations
  10. Charity Dinners
  11. Celebrities
  12. Engagement of Players
  13. Facebook
  14. Google
  15. Website
  16. SMS Marketing
  17. WhatsApp Campaign
  18. E-News Letter
  19. Email Marketing
  20. YouTube Channel
  21. Google Ads
  22. Facebook Ads
  23. Twitter Ads
  24. Social Media
  25. Crowdfunding Platforms

If you want to learn more on NGOs, Donations, Community Development, NGOs Working Areas, Resources of NGOs. Let us know in comment section. We’ll discuss all the areas those you want to learn. 


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