Different types of hepatitis


There are number of types of hepatitis, few of them damage liver and become cause to liver cancer. These types of hepatitis comes under chronic types and these types pull the person to death. Initial symptoms of such hepatitis is flu having pain in muscles and joints, feeling ill, feeling weak etc, while the complete and final symptoms are jaundice, feeling tired and sick for long.

There are 05 types of hepatitis, each types have it’s own symptoms and effects. Hepatitis types names are as bellow:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis D
  • Hepatitis X
  • Hepatitis G

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is start with the dirty and damaged food and water or with the person who already involved in hepatitis A. Hepatitis A spread due to hepatitis A viruses. Hepatitis A, effects for short time infection, in this age we can control hepatitis A with the vaccination and with other methods. These vaccinations develop immunity against the hepatitis A virus. This vaccination helps the person to recover as never he found in hepatitis. Do you know Anal-Oral contact have sex is also caused hepatitis A?


Use healthy and clean fruits, drink pure and healthy drinking water. As well keep away from anal-oral sex.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B transmission majorly found due to having sexual contact. Hepatitis B is transmitted during sexually activity. This disease called STD. Hepatitis B, spread due to HAB (Hepatitis B Viruses). When you done sex, If its in Male, it travelled to female and when she got pregnant it transmitted to new baby.

In short it travels from one person to another via sex and become heritable disease. It can also spread due to blood transmission and due to wounds as well. Vaccination for hepatitis B also developed and its recoverable. Sometimes it recovers fully and sometime not. It caused chronic and liver cancer. In medical term it’s also called chronic hepatitis. Causes of the hepatitis B are sexual activity, blood transmission etc.

If you know that you have hepatitis B, keep in mind it will transform to your partner. So, don’t sex while having hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C also know as HCV, spread due to Hepatitis C viruses. It caused due to infected blood. Due to usage of already used syringes, products those are infected and some time it also spread due to having sex. As well sometimes it spread due to inappropriate anesthesia. Till time there is no such vaccination discovered which is used for the treatment of hepatitis C. There is only one option to treat hepatitis c and that is antiviral mediation.

Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D also know as HDV. Hepatitis D spread due to hepatitis D viruses. Hepatitis D is just like hepatitis B. Its also transmitted due to having sex, by usage of already used syringes and from mother to new born baby. It’s known as Delta virus as well.

Hepatitis X

Hepatitis X also known as HXV. Hepatitis X disease refereeing as liver problem and it is viral hepatitis. Hepatitis X involves as swelling and inflammation of the liver.  Hepatitis X symptoms are tiredness, nausea, abdomen pain, fever, illness and vomiting.

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E spread due to eating unhygienic food and usage of unhealthy water. It’s also known as HEV, this type of hepatitis spread due to Hepatitis E viruses. Vaccination for hepatitis E also discovered and available in market. Hepatitis E mostly spread in developing areas due to poor hygienic system.

Hepatitis G

Hepatitis G also known as HGV viruses. It’s not identified because hepatitis G mild in nature.

To prevent from all these types of hepatitis is cleanliness. As it is considered half faith in Islam.


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