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Day time sleep make you more attractive

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Qailulla is necessary for health and for attractive look. Qailulla also known as “Kailula”. In day-time little rest is called Qailulla. About all the professionals are busy with their task in day time and they don’t care about their health and look. But it’s necessary to take rest for few times.

For Sugar and depression Qailulla is necessary and important. When you sleep for half hour during day time, it improves your health and beauty. For healthy mind and for beauty its necessary to manage time in day time to take rest for half hour. This sleep will make you beautiful and healthy all the times.

When we’re young and in early age we don’t feel that how’s it is important but when we reached to forty-five and plus age our routine clearly effect/show that how’s we spent our time.

 Benefits of Qailulla


According to research doctors proves that during day time sleep decrease the chances of heart attack. This research made by British doctors’ team those are specialist and have extensive experience in relevant field. They also determine that day time sleep help you to manage your blood pressure you just stop the use of salt and alcohol.

Research Criteria


In this research they select about 300 people, these are all people were around 60 years plus aged. They test their blood pressure as well other tests. And then divide them in two groups. They settle the time for one group to sleep in day time for fifty minutes and second group live as per their routine. After ten days they check their all tests again. When they take these tests again there were complete difference in these two groups. Group which take rest in day time sleep their blood pressure were average and their heart attack chances decrease up to ten percent.

Qailulla is the thing on that no need to spent anything as well there is no one who don’t have half hour in day time to take rest. So, you should take care of your life because its much important for you and for others those are living for you.

Beauty tips recommendation


Beauty tips always share the beauty tips and tricks those are on base of research as well those are tested things / remedies. Qailulla is much important for health and for beauty. If you want to have beautiful look and healthy life you must take rest in day time. Its all up to you to manage routine accordingly, otherwise there is no such issue with routine or time to spent this much time for sleep.

Better Life and Beautiful look need your attention. Hope you’ll take care of your health and beauty.

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