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Common Problems / Disease Acne and its Solution

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Beauty Tips always share tips and tricks those are useful. All these articles are researched based as well we share tested and useful Natural Homemade Remedies. In this article we will discuss that What is Acne? Different causes of Acne, diagnosing, treatment and multiple complications of acne.  

Might be you’re already aware with acne problem/issue. If you don’t know much don’t worry Beauty Tips will discuss it in details right here. Must read till end to understand Acne and its solution.

What is acne?


Now a day’s acne become common disease, it’s a condition of skin in which skin effect from any point. Specially it appears on face skin and skin become oily and spots appear. Most of the times skin become oily, hot and when touch it feel pain. But it’s not necessary that it appear on face only, it can appear on any part of body.

Commonly acne appear on the body part are:

Mouth / Face Skin – Maximum people effected due to acne and it appears on face. Painful and spotted.

 Acne Appear at Back of Body – Around fifty percent people those face acne issue, it appears on their back. Sometimes its read and painful.

Front size of body/ Chest / Breast – According to survey around twenty percent people face acne on front size. Specially girls face it a lot. Specially married girls those are in love with partner. We’ll discuss details on later that why acne problem/issue occurbeauty-tips-for-girls.

Different types of Acne spots

There are different types of spots those appear on face but most common and main types are six. Let’s see each spot type one by one in detail.

Pimples / Blackheads – Painful and filled with dirt in small size sometime yellow or in black color appear on skin. This type of pimples really painful and maximum number of girls faces this problem now a day.

Blocked pore / Whiteheads – Most of the time looks same as blackheads. Whiteheads never empty when squeezed.

Painful / Papules – Painful red color bumps in small size that make skin dirty

Small Spots / Pustules – Pus coated most likely to papules, filled with white pus internally. This type of pimples / acne develops due to pus.

Painful Beneath Surface of skin / Nodules – This type of acne is in little large size and hard which build on the out-side of the skin and it hurting.

Swelling / Cysts – Largely pus filled and painful. Around twenty percent girls face this disease and its really painful. This type of acne is the most unadorned type of spot initiated by acne.

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