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Beauty Tips & Tricks for University Girls

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Beauty Tips for University Girls


University life demands complete attention of the students while they are heading towards professional life. The busy studies schedule hardly gives time to the University going girls to focus on personal grooming and care.  But that does not mean that they should be deprived of making style statement while attending their university. There are certain tips and tricks which can make you stand stylish and decent at the same time. So, girls note down the beauty tips and tricks mentioned below and stand apart:

Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks

Shower on Daily Basis


  • Take a shower daily for personal hygiene and cleanliness. It will also make you feel fresh.

Drinking Water

  • Just as flowers wither without enough water so does you. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to get natural and healthy glow on your face. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you while stepping out for university or market.

Moisturize Face On daily Basis


  • Apply generous amount of moisturizer on your face for a dryness free face. Keep travelling size moisturizer in your bag too.

Skin Protection


  • We need sun protection while we are outside whether it’s summer or winter. Make it your holy grail skin protection product. Invest in good sun screen to have a tan free skin.

Flawless Skin

  • Get a BB Cream according to your skin tone. Apply a little amount and you get flawless skin. You do not need any beauty blender or brush to apply BB cream. The magic can be done with fingers alone.

Eye Lash Curler

  • Do not forget to curl your lashes with an eye lash curler. It’s a wonderful beauty tool. It just takes a few seconds to curl eye lashes and instantly your eyes get lifted.

Eye Liner

  • Slept late while studying and now you want to cover up sleepy eyes. Apply very thin layer of a pen eye liner.
  • Adding a little amount of Kajal or black eye pencil along the lower waterline will make your eyes pop up.
  • For rosy blushing cheeks, put on a pink blush on or a cheek tint. Tints are convenient to use when you are in a hurry. You can apply tint with your fingers without the hustle of using brush.
  • Lip balm is another important skin care product. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm. You can get a transparent or a lightly tinted lip balm as per your choice. You can also put on a pink lip tint if you feel like for natural pink lips.
  • Never forget to moisturize your hands too. Keep your nails clean and file them properly. Put on a nude colour nail polish if you feel like.
  • Many of us forget to care about cracked heels of the feet. Cracked or chapped heels really look bad. Take good care of your feet. File the feet properly and keep your feet hydrated with a foot cream or even Vaseline can do wonders.
  • Put on a deodorant or body spray for personal hygiene. Keep a travelling size body pray or perfume with you.
  • Step out with confidence and positive energy for your charming aura.

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