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Homemade remedies to take care of dry skin

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Almost all the girls dream is to have shiny, glowing and beautiful skin all the time in all the ages. But due to some reasons most of the girls are facing few issues with the skin such as flaky, itchy and dry skin. There is no such girl who like such dry and flaky skin at it all. In this world girls face millions of skin problem and one of them is dry skin. To improve health of dry skin here are few homemade remedies those will help you to improve your skin. There are thousands of reason behind the dry skin but most of the time skin effected by air and the polluted environment around us.

To make smooth, shiny and glowing skin, here are the homemade remedies those you can perform at your home.

Cleansing of dry skin

Most of the girls facing dry skin problem. Almost all girls scrub their face / skin while they have dry skin problem. It creates negative impact on your face while you have dry skin. For smoothness and for glowing skin use soap less cleanser. Add soap which is fragrance free and don’t scrub your skin hard.

Glowing skin with warm water


Most of the girl, use hot water as all of the beauty professional recommend the warm water for dry skin. But most of the girls use hot water which creates negative impact on the skin and damage skin badly. Light warm water creates positive impact on your skin while hot water is dangerous for your skin and for face beauty. When you take shower moisturize your skin and body gently. Don’t scrub it hardly. For take too much shower, best recommendation for the shower is ten to fifteen minutes. While showering use cleanser to remove the oil and dirt.

Skin care and skin cover


Behind the dry skin, wrinkles and roughness the major damages are from sun light. Sun play major role to make skin dry and rough. If you don’t want to have dry skin and roughness on your skin use the sunscreen. To avoid from dry skin, chapped lips in water and use all the time lip balm. Most of the girls like to have fit shirt in all the seasons not matter its summer or winter. But we recommend you strongly to wear loose shirt in summer for skin health.

Gloves and Hands Smoothness

About all the males and females noticed hands at first. So, hands are important and play major role in the beauty of any person. If you want to have smooth, clear and shiny skin of hands take care of your hands and wear gloves while going outside. Not just to go outside if you are performing home tasks must wear gloves for skin smoothness of hands.

Skin beauty and eggs

To improve your dry skin and make it smooth, shiny and glowing use eggs. Eggs are the great source for proteins and they will help you to improve your skin health and will make your skin shiny and glowing.


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