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Look Beautiful on Mehndi – Mehndi Makeup tips & tricks

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In every female life wedding is the most important event. As a tradition Mehandi is the most colorful and memorable day in the life as well for the wedding ceremony. Mehandi is the traditional occasion and most important day in every female’s life, actually its pre-wedding event on that all the family members, relative and friends get together for this marriage and make this night as good as it can possible. In most of the areas people celebrate this day with full preparation and as a great day to celebrate with groom. As said, on this event usually people wear color full clothes, specially girls wear awesome, beautiful and colorful clothes on this event. Mostly girl wear green, yellow and red shades dresses, not just dress these clothes, girls also wear bagels and gajras to look beautiful and for the beauty girls take care of everything specially for this event of “Mehandi”. Girls and jewelry; how’s it possible on this special event girls join without jewelry, so on this special event most of the girl, specially married girls wear too much “Jewelry” or as they like to have. In short on this event of “Mehandi” jewelry is common. On this event bride wear yellow flower on her hairs. In some areas bride wear heavy jewelry on this event but in most of the areas bride do not wear heavy jewelry and dress. Mehandi day is mostly celebrated among the family members and with friends.

Mehandi day usually celebrated four or five days before wedding ceremony. On this day most of the girls have heavy makeup but it is necessary to have balance makeup on this day. In different area people have their own traditions for Mehandi day, Asia specifically (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc) this function is not specifically for groom and for bride. Mehandi function is the relationship between two families.


Dress Well on Mehandi

Attractive, beautiful, simple, and charming dress is the best selection for the mehandi event, because it is very important day in the life of every girl. Beautiful look, clean face, stylish and looking cool on this day is the dream of every girl and almost all girl done it on Mehandi day. For the mehandi event dresses designed by renowned designers as its special day. Designer use different shaded while designing these dresses for the Mehandi event. Most of the designers design dresses for mehandi event by using yellow, green, pink and orange color. Its not necessary to have yellow color for mehandi event but most of the girls use yellow and pink color on mehandi day.

Mehandi and Makeup

On mehandi day most of the girl’s makeup well, but on this day almost all girls have light makeup. As already said girls have yellow, pink or green dresses on this day. So, girls use light makeup for this traditional ceremony. But one thing which we noticed that out sider girls well prepare on this day as not the girls of the that home in which this celebration is going on.

Mehandi and gifts

On the mehandi event about all the personals those attend this event share the joy as well offer gifts to bride and for groom. As it is the most important day in the life of groom and bride, so people celebrate as they can.

Mehandi and Foods

On Mehandi day, different type of dishes prepares for guests. In hilly areas people arrange all these things at their home, by hiring any skilled resource, who can prepare different dishes but in the cities they manage all these food from outside and present at the home premises or as they manage this event.


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