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In this article beauty tips will explain why hair loss and the treatment for the hair loss. If you’ve any problem with your hair’s don’t leave. Read this article till end you’ll learn and know the basics of the hair loss and their treatments.

Why Hair Loss

Most of the time we hear from friends or from family members that they have hair loss issue / problem. Most of the time we recommend them to change shampoo or something different. Because we feel that all the hair loss issues / problems are same, but it’s not reality. Hair loss issues / problems are always different and vary from person to person. This article from beauty tips is specially for girls those are looking for beauty tips, hair loss issues, hair care, beauty tips for hair or any search like this. In this article we will find out the different reason due to that hair loss. As well this article has few amazing facts regarding hair loss, beauty tips present this article specially to understand the reason that why hair loss problem occur.

Might be few of us know the types of hair loss. But if you don’t know you’ll shocked that how much hair loss problems, and reason not only the dryness is the problem for hair loss.

Let’s have a look on hair loss problems. There are many types of hair loss and all these types are different from each other. If you have hair loss problem. You should read this article again and again to understand these problems and to identify the problem.

Hair loss is also called alopecia, this is medical term. For better understanding keep in mind when we use alopecia, its mean hair loss. This basic is only for you to know better.

Types of Hair loss / Alopecia


Involutional alopecia is also known as natural problems. Most of us use this term that my body/skin have such issue that’s why it happens. This type of hair loss is exactly same. In this type without any reason hair loss gradually with the passage of time. With age hair become thin and gradually loss, and they reached to become shorter and clear the front area of head.

Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia known as genetic issues. Androgenic alopecia is the condition due to this all the human affected such as men and women. When this condition applies on men’s this pattern called baldness. In this condition hair loss on mass level, in early ages. This type of hair loss start in teen age and continues till later age (forties).

When this problem occurs with women’s, these women feel that hair loss in high quantity and their hair become thin and ugly.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is also known as suddenly hair loss. This problem may occur in children and youngsters. In this condition heavy hair losses, but this condition is recoverable. Most of the people recover from this problem if they care of hair.

Alopecia universalis

Alopecia universalis is also known as deep hair issues. This problem is same like cancer patient problem as all the hair losses, all the hair means whole body hair loss. Due to this problem all the body hair loss within few days.


Trichotillomania is also known as the hair pulling. This problem mostly occurs in children. We also known this problem as psychological disorder. We can over-come on this issue by applying beauty tips and tricks.

Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium is also known as short time hair fall. In this problem hair loss temporary and become thin. This problem occurs just because of changes in the growth of hairs.

There are many other issues and problems due to that hair loss. Some time these problems occur due to harmonic problem. As well genetic issues also involve in the hair health and hair loss. But not just this.


Here are few beauty tips research results; hair loss some times occur due to genetics, naturally but most of the time these problems happen due to stress and internally illness. Most of us not much care about their heath and their body issues. Just because of this in specific age our hair loss starts. Most of the people use drugs, these drugs also effect on our body as well on our hairs. If you are taking any kind of drugs. There are many other factors also affect our hair health such as cosmetic procedures, medical conditions as well our daily diet and many other facts also effect the hair.

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