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Best tips to have longer hair as fast as you cannot believe

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Hair Growth

To be glamorous and to look beautiful it’s necessary to have long and healthy hair on the head. Hair are the most beautiful part of our body; without hairs we look like an ugly and old person but when we have long and healthy hair, we look ten years younger than our age. No doubt hair changes the whole look of person if he / she change his/her hair style.

Now may be the question arise in our mind that how the hair arise? If I am not wrong, it is? In reality hair made with the follicles of protein. Most of the time required proteins not develop in human body that’s why hair not grow. Epidermal cells is the base of hair growth, and all the thickness and the beauty of hair depends on carbohydrate, lipids, hormones, vitamins and minerals.

Per month hair growth:

Healthy hair grow almost two inches per month, but the growth of hair depends upon the health of human body, hormones and carbohydrate. If you want to have longer hair drink maximum water as you can, because water excessively effect on the hair. Not just water for the hair growth you should add the essential vitamins and hormones minerals in your diet. As well care of hairs such as don’t shampoo on daily basis because hair effect badly by shampooing daily. For shiny and beautiful hair need to manage your routine diet by adding vitamins and hormones minerals in your diet.

Oil Mask Usage:

Once a week will also help for hair growth, because hair need your attention and care as well hydrates and vitamins and when we use oil mask it covers all these requirements those are necessary for the hair growth.

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