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Beauty Tips For Hair

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Protein mask for hair

Beauty tips for hair is the most essential and important part to maintain hair. Most of the people have problem such as hair fall and many more. Our hair is made of protein. This is why it is important to use protein to make the hair long, thick and shiny. There are a lot of protein treatments for hair in the salon but they are expensive and not everyone can get averted.
So here is a protein mask for your ease, which has amazing results on the hair. Whoever has used it has soft hair.


Banana double digits
One to two tablespoons of coconut oil
One to two tablespoons of coconut milk
One to two tablespoons of yogurt
Egg yolk is one to two numbers
Mix all ingredients in blender and mix well.
Apply well from the roots of the hair to the nails.
Allow the shower cap to cover for 30 minutes. Then wash with normal water.
Apply twice a week and three times if the hair is worse.
How to make coconut country
Blend coconut and hot water in blender for a minute.
Then filter out the coconut. The coconut country is ready.

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