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Beauty Tips and Tricks To Remove Dead Cells and Improve Skin Health

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Lighten the Skin and Improve Skin Health

There are hundreds of beauty tips and tricks to remove the dead cells from skin without effecting it. For this purpose Beauty Tips recommend you easy and simple trick to remove dead cells and improve skin health.

Daily routine matter a lot while we discuss about beauty improvement. Beauty is directly linked with your routine diets, sleep, drinks and sleep. When we don’t care about any single thing it means you are going to make our skin dead.

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Simple Homemade Natural Remedy to Improve Beauty

Beauty Tips have bundle of remedies and techniques for you to improve beauty and health. For this purpose we are going to discuss technique which will help you to improve beauty at home with Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks.

Most effected skin areas of human body

Underarm areas, Heels and knees effected mostly due to not much care and some other reason also effect. Specially married girls face this issue a lot. When girls in bed with hubby they make love a lot. This is really good to make love at bed but not caring is not good at it all. After few time you may feel that your body parts skin completely damage and appear as ugly and not fair. For improvement of these special areas apply following remedy it will increase your beauty.

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Required Items For Natural Remedy

Sliced Cucumber
Two Table Spoon Oil of Olive
One Table Spoon Baking Soda
Lemon Juice Three Table Spoon

No need to have cucumber in large quantity, for this purpose two or three slices are enough for this remedy. Prepare the mixture of all above mentioned items in bowl and mix them together until you found a great paste of all these things.

Application of Natural Homemade Beauty Remedy

This is complete remedy for the betterment of effected skin areas. You may apply this remedy directly on your skin, specially on the effected areas. Those are become dark and black due to love making or some other reason. Within few days you will seen that your internal parts those are hidden but not hidden from special one will lighten and glowing.


You may also apply this remedy on feet and knees. This remedy is also useful for face skin, if your skin is too much dull and dark. Once you apply remedy on skin, wait for twenty minutes and then clear it with cloths and then wash it with warm water.

Now you can see clear results of this natural homemade remedy. Without any hassle and without any other pressure and tension.

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