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Face whitening tips and tricks to look gorgeous in party and functions

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Beauty tips present this article for women and men. This homemade remedy work for both as well you can use on all type of skin. Good looking, beautiful look and beauty is dream of every women and men from start of the life on planet. If you are caring about this, it means you are doing wrong. You should spare some time for yourself and maintain your beauty and beautiful look.

You will look awesome, gorgeous and beautiful in all the parties, as well you will become the “Party Girl”. Beauty Tips always come up with latest and easiest homemade remedies. All these remedies are tested and working, there is no effect of these remedies you should try it at home. As well this remedy is also easiest and understandable. For quick results and for the beautiful look you should try it at least once for testing purpose. Its guarantee there will be no side effect of this remedy on your face.

Why Homemade Remedy?

Chemicals effect face / skin badly. No doubt for time being you look beautiful but in reality, it damages your face skin badly. If you want to look beautiful for long. You should use homemade remedies all the time. Stay tune with us for such latest homemade remedies for females.

Natural / Homemade remedies have no side effect. Its not matter which type of skin you have. If you want to improve your skin health you should use homemade remedies for betterment and for beautiful look. Most of the girls think that they have lot of money so why they take care of it and these girls purchase heavy amount beauty creams. The beauty creams also have chemicals and these creams also damage the skin. For time being these beauty creams make you beautiful but in reality, these beauty cream damage your skin beauty.

Homemade Remedy for beautiful look

Beauty tips share this tested beauty tip with you to become beautiful and gorgeous all the time. Beauty tips always try to share best beauty tips those work and those are already tested. As well this time we share this beauty tips with you, is 100% tested and guaranteed there is no side effect of this homemade remedy for women and men.

Homemade remedy for women and men

To prepare this homemade remedy, take famous “Fair & Lovely cream”. As well take lemon juice, two tea spoon and mix it in Fair and lovely cream. When you add it in fair and lovely it will change its shape. Prepare this paste with the help of tea spoon. Once you done the paste wait for two minutes.

And then apply it on your face, hands as well on neck. This homemade remedy will improve your skin health as well you will look like start just in minutes.

How to apply this homemade remedy

Once you prepare this homemade remedy. Apply it on face, hand as well on neck for fifteen to twenty minutes till its dry. Once this paste completely dry, don’t wash it directly firstly you should clear it with any clean cloth and then wash it with any quality soup.


Once you apply this cream your skin will glow. You look definitely looks beautiful and gorgeous. Not just this that you will look beautiful for time being. It will improve particular cells of your skin those help to improve beauty.

Beauty tips always welcome visitors and appreciate their input if you have any query regarding this post or regarding any other remedy feel free to make reply bellow in the comment section. We will appreciate your participation.

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