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Be Champion With Basic Guidelines

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Might be there is anyone who don’t want to be the champion in this world. Would you like to be the champion? Make comment in comment section. If you want to be the champion don’t miss this article because this article is complete guidelines for better life and to be the champion.

To achieve any goal its important to know the key points those are necessary for development and for the betterment. Never think that you can’t do. Because there is no such thing which one you can’t do in this life. If there is anyone who try again and again. Its not possible that he/she didn’t reached to his/her goal. For this purpose, here are few key points. Anyone gets benefited from these key points in his/her life.

Know yourself

This is the key point to know that who you’re? and What’s your strength and what’s your weakness. Because there is no one who know about you better than you. Its important and key point for any human not matter you’re a girl or boy. To know about yourself here are the few points, on the basis of these points you can judge yourself.

  • What can you do?
  • Interest
  • Technical skills
  • Education
  • References with people
  • Contacts with people
  • How much time you can work?
  • Filed in which you take too much interest
  • And any other point regarding your environment and other setup

Major points those are important for the development of any personal. If you follow these steps and points. Believe me you’ll become the champion in this world. No one have long life. So, keep in mind this is time to understand yourself and your abilities to be the champion in this world.

Set Your Goal

No doubt, this is sad reality that there is no one who set their targets and goals. Keep in mind this is the major issue of any personal life. Till time, if you don’t have set any goal. Make sure to prepare your life goal and plan it well. Because goal is the key point to set the way of life. Because without any track we can’t reached at where. Goal is the way for life to reached out there. Prepare your goal with following guidelines.

  • What you want to do in life?
  • What can you do?
  • Understand yourself and make long period goal
  • Select the Field, in which you want to work
  • Must think why you want to choose this filed
  • Try your level best to perform work
  • Manage your activities accordingly
  • Always try to be positive

Set Your Targets


Set your targets and write down because without writeup you can’t remember in your life. To reached out to the target and to become the champion. It’s necessary to write down all the things specially targets of your life. Document targets is the key way to keep remember all the time. When you set your target and document it. Believe me you’ll never forget the things.

Keep trying on daily basis for betterment

As you set the target, and document it. Its not enough to think a lot and document, its much important to try on daily basis. Because when you work hard on daily basis. It will help you to become a champion in your life. Without efforts its not possible ever, that you become the champion.

Don’t Lie for short term success


Most of the people speak lie, just for short time success. If you speak lie, keep in mind. Your long-term goals and completely disturb. So, keep in mind don’t speak lie ever in life. Because this life is too short and your mind will become complex with such things.

Don’t Judge People

This world is full with joys as well with worries. So, never judge anyone without knowing them. Most of us judge people without knowing their background and their history. There are number of champions those are from very poor and humble background. If you study them deeply, you’ll find out they just work passional and work hard whole life for betterment.

Don’t Compromise your targets

This is the most important points, never compromise on your targets and goals. Specially with personals those are working in field. Mean to say those are doing job. Most of the time they compromise with their ideas, as well with their targets. As they are working under someone, might be he/she is not capable. Whenever you’re in such situation, keep in mind don’t think about such personals talks. If he/she have better idea, then why they are not champion. So, always be open mind and think positive.

Be a champion

When you set all the things / parameters accordingly, you’ll be the champion in your life. Keep in mind. Whenever you don’t work hard in field which one you like a lot. It is not possible to become the champion. Keep in mind always work hard to be the champion.

Be a Number one

Always think that you can done this and there is no one in this world who can do this like you. Whenever you will not become internally strong. You’ll not perform as you can.

Short message on this from Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Parwaz Hai Dono Ki Issi Aik Faza Mein
Kargas Ka Jahan Aur Hai, Shaheen Ka Jahan Aur

The vulture and the eagle soar
In the same air, but in worlds apart.

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