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Basic Hair Care For Women To Improve Hair Health

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Most of us inspire from the Television actors. They have smooth and silky hair all the time. Do you know how much they care of hair?

You may also have such, silky and smooth hair for long time if you follow the tips as mentioned in article. This article is all about the causes of the hair fall and tangling.

Why hair fall / weak?

Hair Fall due to dehydration

Most of us don’t care about their hair. As well not well moisture their hair. When we don’t care about our hair and not moisture well. It creates friction as well tension in our hair. Due to that tangles appears. Rest of the time outer hair shaft break and hair become weak. Due to this our hair damage and look rough. Lack of hydration become the reason, that’s why our hair fall and look rough.

Care of your hair while sleeping

Do you braid or tie your hair while sleeping?

Most of us don’t care about their hair while they sleep. They don’t tie their hair, which cause seriously and our hair become weak. Do you know when our hair is wet, they are fragile.

Most of the time we sleep with wet hair, and wet hair break easily because wet hair is fragile and frizzy.

Make routine; Make combing

Most of the women, don’t care about their hair. Because women have lot of hair so they don’t manage combing daily. Do you know if you don’t comb daily its threat for your hair?

When you don’t care about your hair and don’t combing daily, it creates kinks in your hair which is dangerous for your hair. When we don’t comb our hair daily, oil and other residue disturb our hair health and our hair become weak and break easily.

Must Trim Dry Ends of Hair

Most of the girls / women don’t trim their hair on time. Which effect badly on their hair and hair become frizzy and split their ends. Do you know dry ends hair break easily?

When you don’t trim your hair on time, it causes the hair dry and tons of frizz. As well such hairs end split.


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